Rio the Guide: All the answers for a trip to Rio de Janeiro

Rio the GuideOur sister site, Rio: The Guide, is now up-and-running and when finished will give a complete guide to the city for any visitor. It will even be of help to the residents of the city and is based on “The Insider’s Guide to Rio de Janeiro”, a book that for many years was the city’s top selling guide book.

As well as information about visiting the city, the news feed and Twitter feeds include up-to-date breaking news and developments from the city, including about the Olympic and Paralympic games, as well as carnaval.

It is still a work in progress but we hope you find it useful and look forward to your feedback. Close to 300,000 people visited this site and World Cup: The Guide during the FIFA World Cup and we hope the Rio site will prove to be as popular.

So far the Rio site includes

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro
Overview of Rio
Getting to-and-from Rio
– Facts to Know Before You Arrive
– Arriving in Rio
– Leaving Rio
Getting Around in Rio
– Hotels by area
– Hostels / B&B / Camping
Sugar Loaf
Sights To See
– Museums & Galleries
– The Parade
– Carnaval 2015
New Year
– Maracanã
2016 Olympics and Paralympics
– 2016 Olympic Prices
– 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Venues
– 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Logos
Typically Carioca
Safety in Rio
History of Rio
– A walking tour of historic Centro
Latest News