Rio Olympic Torch Relay

Rio Olympic Torch 1Movement, innovation and Brazilian flavour is the inspiration behind the design of the Rio 2016 Olympic torch, which was unveiled on 3 July 2015. Its design aims to reflect the meeting of the Olympic flame with the human warmth of the Brazilian people.

The torch relay convoy is expected to visit 500 Brazilian cities and towns – about 300 of which will host the relay itself while a further 200 will cheer the convoy as it passes by with the flame on display. They include the capitals of all 26 Brazilian states and Brasília. The route has been designed to reach the highest number of people as possible, and Rio 2016 estimates that the torch relay will reach 90 per cent of the Brazilian population.

Rio Olympic Torch 3The journey will begin in May 2016 and will last between 90 and 100 days. There will be about 12,000 torchbearers, each one carrying their torch about 200 meters, then passing the flame – which will have been lit in Greece – on to the next. The torch will travel 20,000 km by road and another 10,000 miles by air over the North and Midwest parts of the country, between the cities of Teresina and Campo Grande, without the flame ever going out.

The torch’s texture has triangles running the length of its body, alluding to the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect, and the floating effect of its different segments refers to the efforts of the athletes. One of its main innovations is the movement of these segments, which open up and expand vertically when the Olympic flame is passed from one torchbearer to another. This is known as “the kiss of the torches”.
Upon expanding, the segments reveal the elements that add the Brazilian flavour – diversity, energy and nature – represented by the sea, mountains, sky and sun, and the colours of the Brazilian flag.

Rio Olympic Torch 2 copyCrafted from recycled aluminium and resin with a satin finish, the torch weighs between 1kg and 1.5kg and stands 63.5cm high when closed and 69cm when opened.

The torch relay will start in Brasília and has a definite finish date: 5 August 2016, the day of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio.

The 83 cities that will be the final destination of the Olympic flame at the end of each day are:

1 – Brasília
2 – Anápolis
3 – Goiânia
4 – Caldas Novas
5 – Uberlândia
6 – Patos de Minas
7 – Montes Claros
8 – Curvelo
9 – Governador Valadares
10 – Itabira
11 – Belo Horizonte
12 – Juiz de Fora
13 – Cachoeiro de Itapemirim
14 – Vitória
15 – São Mateus
16 – Porto Seguro
17 – Vitória da Conquista
18 – Ilhéus
19 – Valença
20 – Salvador
21 – Senhor do Bonfim
22 – Petrolina
23 – Paulo Afonso
24 – Aracaju
25 – Maceió
26 – Caruaru
27 – Recife
28 – Campina Grande
29 – João Pessoa
30 – Natal
31 – Mossoró
32 – Fortaleza
33 – Sobral
34 – Parnaíba
35 – Teresina
36 – Imperatriz
37 – Palmas
38 – São Luís
39 – Belém
40 – Macapá
41 – Santarém
42 – Boa Vista
43 – Manaus
44 – Rio Branco
45 – Porto Velho
46 – Cuiabá
47 – Campo Grande
48 – Dourados
49 – Presidente Prudente
50 – Londrina
51 – Cascavel
52 – Foz do Iguaçu
53 – Pato Branco
54 – Passo Fundo
55 – Santa Maria
56 – Pelotas
57 – Porto Alegre
58 – Caxias do Sul
59 – Criciúma
60 – Florianopólis
61 – Blumenau
62 – Joinville
63 – Curitiba
64 – Ponta Grossa
65 – Itapetininga
66 – Bauru
67 – Ribeirão Preto
68 – Franca
69 – Campinas
70 – Osasco
71 – São Bernado
72 – São Paulo
73 – Santos
74 – São José dos Campos
75 – Angra dos Reis
76 – Volta Redonda
77 – Petrópolis
78 – Nova Friburgo
79 – Macaé
80 – Cabo Frio
81 – Niterói
82 – Nova Iguaçu
83 – Rio de Janeiro

2016 Olympic stores open

foto2_rio2016.jpgRio 2016 has opened a gift shop at Terminal 1 of Rio’s International Airport. Open from 6 am until 11 pm the shop sells various Olympic and Paralympic-related merchandise, such as clothes, hats, and beach towels as well as soft-toy versions of the Rio 2016 mascots, Vinicius and Tom.

The Rio Airport shop is the first of a series that will be open at airports: Rio’s Santos Dumont will have a shop soon, as will the airports in São Paulo. Apart from the airport’s new store, there are a number of sites around Rio where official products are already on sale, such as the Tijuca campus of the Estácio de Sá University and the city centre.

You can also access the Rio 2016 Brazilian online store, which has an exclusive range of toys. Prices vary from from caps costing R$49 (US$15) to 45cm soft toys at R$139,90 (US$45).

By 2016, an expected 12,000 products will be available, with the expectation that these items will generate around R$1billion in Brazilian retail sales.

Olympic merchandise will eventually be available at 150 official Rio 2016 stores and at more than 40,000 sales points across Brazil.

TAM moves terminal at London’s Heathrow Airport

TAM B777 in flightTAM Airlines, Brazil’s major international carrier, moved its operations on 27 May at London’s Heathrow Airport from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 where it joins a number of other oneWorld partners.

As a member of oneWorld, TAM’s passengers flying in business or with the right card, will be able to use the British Airways’ lounge in the terminal.

TAM currently offers a daily service between London and São Paulo with connecting onward services, while British Airways offers daily services to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from London Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

Art for Art’s Sake – The Contemporary Galleries of São Paulo

66348498_bigBrazil has a vibrant art world that can also be found and admired in the small commercial galleries found throughout the country.

The art of Brazil is something to be appreciated but above all enjoyed by the visitor. It is art that you may want to buy as a reminder of time spent in Brazil. Leave the Great Masters to the formal galleries of Europe and the US; they are not of the Brazilian spirit.

Commercial art galleries are a Brazilian way of life. You pass one, you enter, you appreciate. If you like something, and have the money, you buy it.

We have asked our good friends at Ronya, one of Brazil’s leading experts in sourcing, acquiring, and maintaining art, to come up with some suggestions of the commercial art galleries in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro where you can find some of the best and most interesting contemporary and modern Brazilian art and discover new emerging talents.

You can find the Rio list in the Museum & Galleries section of Rio: The Guide.

Ronya’s pick for São Paulo is:


Vila Madalena


Santa Cecília


Vila Olímpia



Vila Mariana


FIFA confirms football venues for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

FutebolIt has been confirmed that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games men’s and women’s football tournaments will take place in six cities: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Manaus, Brasília and Belo Horizonte. It has also been decided that the 58 matches will be staged at: Corinthians Arena (São Paulo), the Maracanã and Olympic Stadium (Rio de Janiero), Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador), Mané Garrincha Stadium (Brasília), Amazônia Arena (Manaus – photo) and the Mineirão (Belo Horizonte).

“The inclusion of Manaus in the Rio 2016 Olympic schedule will enrich the tournament with a visit of the football players to one of the most iconic locations in the world,” said Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman. “I am certain that the Amazon will welcome the Olympic world with a memorable celebration.”

Football is the only sport that will be hosted outside of Rio de Janeiro, with the tournament taking the Rio 2016 Games out to the rest of Brazil. There will be 16 teams in the men’s competition and 12 in the women’s tournament.

Marco Polo Del Nero, chairman of the FIFA Organising Committee for the Olympic Football Tournaments, said: “The Olympic football tournaments will be a fantastic opportunity to revive the great atmosphere seen during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, not only in Rio de Janeiro, but also in the other five cities. They did an excellent job in 2014, and now they can use the World Cup stadiums and infrastructure already in place to unite the country for a major event once more. I am confident that the participating teams will have an unforgettable Olympic experience.”

arenaamazonia_fev2014-1 Two South American teams are already confirmed in the Rio 2016 men’s football competition: Brazil, as host country, and Argentina, as the winners of the South American under-20 championship. In the women’s tournament, Colombia confirmed their place, along with hosts Brazil, by finishing runners-up in last year’s Copa America. All the remaining places will be decided by April 2016.

The men’s Olympic football competition features players up to the age of 23 (born after 31 December 1992), with the exception of three ‘over-age’ players per nation. The16 teams will be divided into four groups of four and the competition will begin on 4 August, one day before the Olympic Games opening ceremony. The two best-performing members of each group will qualify for the quarter-finals. The final will be played on 20 August, a day before the closing ceremony, at the Maracanã Stadium.

In the women’s competition there are no age restrictions. The 12 teams will be split into three groups of four, and matches will start on 3 August. The top two teams in each group and the two best third-placed teams will progress to the quarter-finals. The final will be played on 19 August, also at the Maracanã Stadium.

Brazil’s 50 top restaurants

sldkhsldhTo mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Brazil Guide in the Guia Quadro Rodas series, the publisher, Abril, has come up with a list of what it considers to be the 50 top restaurants in Brazil for 2015.

Nearly half, or 24 in total, are located in São Paulo, and eight are in Rio, but the list does cover the country from north to south.

1 – D.O.M. / São Paulo – SP

Rua Barão de Capanema, 549 – Cerqueira César

(11) 3088-0761

2 – MANÍ / São Paulo – SP

Rua Joaquim Antunes, 210 – Jardim Paulistano

(11) 3085-4148

3 – 
FASANO / São Paulo – SP

Rua Vitório Fasano, 88 – Cerqueira César

(11) 3062-4000

4 – ROBERTA SUDBRACK / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Avenida Lineu de Paula Machado, 916 – Jardim Botânico

(21) 3874-0139

5 -

Rua Manuel Guedes, 93 – Itaim Bibi

(11) 3078-8092

6 – TRE BICCHIERI / São Paulo – SP

Rua General Mena Barreto, 765 – Itaim Bibi

(11) 3885-4004

7 – MAHALO / Cuiabá – MT

Rua Pres. Castello Branco, 359 – Quilombo

(65) 3028-7700

8 – 
FASANO AL MARE / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Avenida Vieira Souto, 80 – Ipanema

(21) 3202-4030


Praça do Japão, 155 – Bela Vista

(51) 3237-7601

10 – EPICE / São Paulo – SP

Rua Haddock Lobo, 1002 – Cerqueira César

(11) 3062-0866

11 – 
SKYE / São Paulo – SP

Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 4700 – Jardim Paulista

(11) 3055-4702

12 – A BELA SINTRA / São Paulo – SP

Rua Bela Cintra, 2325 – Jardim Paulista

(11) 3891-1090

13 – ORO / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Rua Frei Leandro, 20 – Jardim Botânico

(21) 2266-7591

14 – OLYMPE / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Rua Custódio Serrão, 62 – Jardim Botânico

(21) 2539-4542

15 – 
TRATTORIA / São Paulo – SP

Rua Iguatemi, s/n  – Itaim Bibi

(11) 3167-3322


Shopping Cidade Jardim – Avenida Magalhães de Castro, 12000 – Cidade Jardim

(11) 3758-2731

17 – 

Morumbi Corporate – Henri Dunant, 1383,  – Sto. Amaro

(11) 3957-9580

18 – GERO / São Paulo – SP

Rua Haddock Lobo, 1629 – Cerqueira César

(11) 3064-0005

19 – AMADEUS / São Paulo – SP

Rua Haddock Lobo, 807 – Cerqueira César

(11) 3061-2859

20 – ATTIMO / São Paulo – SP

Rua Diogo Jácome, 341 – Vila Nova Conceição

(11) 5054-9999

21 – 
LE BATEAU IVRE / Porto Alegre – RS

Rua Tito Lívio Zambecari, 805 – Mont Serrat

(51) 3330-7351

22 – KINOSHITA / São Paulo – SP

Rua Jacques Félix, 405 – Vila Nova Conceição

(11) 3849-6940

23 – 

Rua Lisboa, 55 – Pinheiros

(11) 3088-6019

24 – VECCHIO TORINO / São Paulo – SP

Rua Tavares Cabral, 119 – Pinheiros

(11) 3816-0592

25 – VECCHIO SOGNO / Belo Horizonte – MG

Rua Martim de Carvalho, 75 – Santo Agostinho

(31) 3292-5251

26 – 
ICI BISTRÔ / São Paulo – SP

Rua Pará, 36 – Higienópolis

(11) 3259-6896

27 – GIRARROSTO / São Paulo – SP

Avenida Cidade Jardim, 56 – Jardim Europa

(11) 3062-6000

28 – DONA IRENE / Teresópolis – RJ

Rua Ten. Luís Meireles, 1800 – Bom Retiro

(21) 2742-2901

29 – PARIGI / São Paulo – SP

Rua Amauri, 275 – Itaim Bibi

(11) 3167-1575

30 – ANTIQUARIUS / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Rua Aristides Espínola, 19 – Leblon

(21) 2294-1049

31 – MOCOTÓ / São Paulo – SP

Avenida Nossa Senhora do Loreto, 1100 – Vila Medeiros

(11) 2951-3056

32 – GUARAMARE / Guarapari – ES

Avenida Meaípe, 716  – Enseada Azul) –  7 km

(27) 3272-1300


Avenida Rômulo Maiorana, 2350 – Marco

(91) 3347-2829

34 – ANGATU / Tiradentes – MG

Rua Santíssima Trindade, 81  – Santíssima Trindade

(32) 3355-1391

35 – 
FLOR DE SAL BISTRÔ / Ribeirão Preto – SP

Rua Floriano Peixoto, 1463 – Boulevard

(16) 3421-4963

36 – 
DALÍ CAMÕES / Brasília – DF

Setor Hoteleiro Sul, Qd. 6, Bl. B (Hotel Brasil 21 Convention)

(61) 3039-8156


Rua Cedrus Libani, 384 – Centro

(35) 3438-1467

38 – ESQUINA MOCOTÓ / São Paulo – SP

Avenida Nossa Senhora do Loreto, 1108 – Vila Medeiros

(11) 2949-7049

39 – TRINDADE / Belo Horizonte – MG

Rua Alvarenga Peixoto, 388 – Lourdes

(31) 2512-4479

40 – SUR / Maceió – AL

Rua Professora Maria Esther da Costa Barros, 306  – Stella Maris

(82) 9808-9090

41 – 
LASAI / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Rua Conde de Irajá, 191 – Botafogo

(21) 3449-1834

42 – WIELLA BISTRÔ / Recife – PE

Shopping da Decoração – Avenida Engenheiro Domingos Ferreira, 1274,  – Boa Viagem

(81) 3463-3108

43 – 
KITANDA BRASIL / Tiradentes – MG

Rua Padroeiro Santo Antônio, 240 – Cascalho

(32) 3355-1560

44 – 
TAYPÁ / Brasília – DF

Setor de Habitações Individuais Sul, Quadra 17, Shopping Fashion Park – Lago Sul

(61) 3248-0403

45 – 
IRAJÁ / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Rua Comandante de Irajá, 109 – Botafogo

(21) 2246-1395

46 – LE PRÉ-CATELAN / Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Avenida Atlântica, 4240, Nível E – Copacabana

(21) 2525-1160

47 – GLOUTON / Belo Horizonte – MG

Rua Bárbara Heliodora, 59 – Lourdes

(31) 3292-4237

48 – 
ARTURITO / São Paulo – SP

Rua Artur de Azevedo, 542 – Pinheiros

(11) 3063-4951

49 – PONTE NOVA / Recife – PE

Rua do Cupim, 172 – Graças

(81) 3327-7226

50 – CHEF VIVI / São Paulo – SP

Rua Girassol, 833 – Vila Madalena

(11) 3031-0079

Eating Out 01

LATAM opens its new airport lounge in São Paulo

15455946609_6b2c783ca2_zThe LATAM Airline Group has opened its new VIP lounge at the new Terminal 3 in São Paulo International Airport in Guarulhos. The lounge is for passengers flying with TAM or LAN in business or first, as well as passengers flying on oneworld alliance members that include British Airways, American, and Iberia.

The lounge covers an area of 1.800 m², and can accommodate 450 passengers at any one time. It operates daily from 05.00 to midnight.

15455953389_0bdd567386_z15457281910_981b989d82_z15643736442_3e33e99e6e_z15456653247_02efcd57f2_z15643735442_3c29526062_zLATAM SP

Top Latin American Restaurants 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 14.52.22Virgilio Martinez’s Central, in Lima, Peru, has taken the top spot amongst Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014 with last year’s winner Astrid y Gaston moving into second place. Central, which earned the title of The S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Latin America, climbed three places from last year. Central, under the leadership of chef-owner Martinez, was also named The S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Peru.

Gaston Acurio, who recently opened La Mar in Miami and relocated his 20 year old flagship restaurant Astrid y Gaston to San Isidro, Lima was number two on the list. The 2013 winner was also ranked No.18 in this year’s S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.

D.O.M. and Maní, both in Sao Paolo Brazil, were ranked in third and fourth place respectively. Chilean restaurant Boragó was placed fifth. Boragó and D.O.M. were presented with The S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Chile and The S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Brazil awards respectively.

Other Best Restaurant Awards by country were given to: Pujol in Mexico (No.6 in the list); Tegui in Argentina (No.9); Parador La Huella in Uruguay (No.17); Alto in Venezuela (No.18); Gustu in Bolivia (No.32); and Criterion in Colombia (No.39).

As well as the top restaurant awards, individual awards were also presented during the event. The One To Watch Award went to Ambrosía from Chile; the Veuve Clicquot Latin America’s Best Female Chef Award was presented to Elena Reygadas from Rosetta, Mexico; the Highest Climber Award, went to El Baqueano in Argentina; the Highest New Entry Award, sponsored went to Tarquino also in Argentina; The Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Alex Atala from D.O.M., Brazil; and the Chefs’ Choice Award went to Peru’s Gastón Acurio. The 2014 awards introduced a new category: Latin America’s Best Pastry Chef, which was presented to Buenos Aires-based chef Osvaldo Gross.

Here’s are Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants according to the awards:

1. Central Lima, Peru
2. Astrid y Gastón Lima, Peru
3. D.O.M. São Paulo, Brazil
4. Maní São Paulo, Brazil
5. Boragó Santiago, Chile
6. Pujol Mexico City, Mexico
7. Maido Lima, Peru
8. Biko Mexico City, Mexico
9. Tegui Buenos Aires, Argentina
10. Quintonil Mexico City, Mexico
11. Malabar Lima, Peru
12. Mocoto São Paulo, Brazil
13. Roberta Sudbrack Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
14. Aramburu Buenos Aires, Argentina
15. La Mar Lima, Peru
16. Tarquino Buenos Aires, Argentina
17. Parador La Huella José Ignacio, Uruguay
18. El Baqueano Buenos Aires, Argentina
19. Pangea Monterrey, Mexico
20. Fiesta Lima, Peru
21. Chila Buenos Aires, Argentina
22. La Cabrera Buenos Aires, Argentina
23. Tomo 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina
24. Sud 777 Mexico City, Mexico
25. Manzanilla Ensenada, Mexico
26. MeroToro Mexico City, Mexico
27. Rafael Lima, Peru
28. Alto Caracas, Venezuela
29. Oviedo Buenos Aires, Argentina
30. Osaka Santiago, Chile
31. La Picanteria Lima, Peru
32. Gustu La Paz, Bolivia
33. Rosetta Mexico City, Mexico
34. Remanso Do Bosque Belém, Brazil
35. Olympe Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
36. Epice São Paulo, Brazil
37. Ambrosía Santiago, Chile
38. Attimo São Paulo, Brazil
39. Criterión Bogotá, Colombia
40. Francis Mallman 1884 Mendoza, Argentina
41. Amaranta Toluca, Mexico
42. Corazón de Tierra Ensenada, Mexico
43. Harry Sasson Bogotá, Colombia
44. Fasano São Paulo, Brazil
45. La Bourgogne Punta del Este, Uruguay
46. El Cielo Bogotá, Colombia
47. Sucre Buenos Aires, Argentina
48. Elena Buenos Aires, Argentina
49. Leo Cocina y Cava Bogotá, Colombia
50. Pura Tierra Buenos Aires, Argentina


More airlines move into Terminal 3 at São Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.04.41Opened in May 2014, the new Terminal 3 at São Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport continues to expand. During August 2014 four more airlines moved to the new terminal. These included Air France, British Airways, KLM, and Iberia. They join Air Canada, Alitalia, China Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Qatar, Singapore Airlines, Swiss Airlines, TAP, Turkish and United, that have already moved their operations to the new terminal. The main Brazilian carrier, TAM, will move later in the year by which time 80% of the airport’s international flights will be using the terminal.

A number of new shops and restaurants have also opened including landside the first Brazilian branch of Red Lobster which is located in the hallway that links Terminal 3 and 2. Other food options include Garrets, Carl’s Jr., Jimmy’s Buffet Margaritaville Ráscal, Viena Snacks, Desfruti, Olive Garden, Piola Piola and Casa Bauduco.

Stores include the bookshop Saraiva, FNAC, and airside, along GRU Avenue, can be found Amsterdam Sauer, Kate Spade, Lacoste, Track & Field, Coach, Burberry, Emporio Armani and Victoria’s Secret.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.04.58Star Alliance has also opened its new Lounge. About 1,350 square meters in size, the lounge can accommodate up to 295 guests and is open daily from 12.00 noon to 03.00. Access is for passengers traveling on Star Alliance member airlines from Guarulhos in First or Business Class or holding Star Alliance Gold Status. The lounge is located on the mezzanine level, overlooking the atrium and the airport apron beyond, and can easily be reached by escalators or elevators.

In line with the new Star Alliance lounge concept, local touches and flavours have been combined with global branding elements. This has allowed for the creation of a very Brazilian look and feel, reflecting a strong artesian heritage. The use of wood, rope, natural fibers and typical ceramic finishing bring coziness to a sophisticated interior and provides a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere to customers.

The lounge was developed and is operated by In Flight Solutions Brasil on behalf of the Star Alliance. For those wishing to work, free Wi-Fi access is provided throughout the lounge, with convenient power and USB outlets available. A dedicated business center and free Wi-Fi printing is also provided.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.05.36

Alex Atala awarded the Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 09.24.21Brazil’s Alex Atala has been awarded the Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award  for Latin America for 2014. Atala will be presented with the award at the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony, which takes place on 3 September 2014 in Lima, Peru.

With his ground-breaking D.O.M. restaurant in São Paulo, Alex Atala has helped put his country’s cuisine on the global gastronomic map and simultaneously changed the way food is served at establishments across Brazil.

Atala’s ultimate aim for the restaurant, which opened in 1999, was to change the history of modern Brazilian cuisine by embracing and refining traditional family dishes that were hitherto considered too homely for fine dining – and he has succeeded. As a result of a pioneering approach to the nation’s bounty, indigenous produce such as acai, pupunha and cupuaçu are now celebrated in high-reaching restaurants and are beginning to creep into the kitchens of the US, Europe and beyond. Moreover, the club-DJ-turned-chef has played an important role in discovering and championing forgotten and lost ingredients through expeditions into the Amazon, aided by scientists and anthropologists.

Atala is the epitome of the modern chef: his cooking embraces new techniques and creativity, while retaining a deep-rooted cultural identity. As a result he has become an inspiration for chefs not just in Latin America, but across the world.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 09.25.14