Rio’s Main Carnival Parades in 2019

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-22-27-23In 2019 the main parades of the Grupo Especial, comprising of Rio’s leading samba svhools, will take place on the nights of Sunday, 3 March and Monday, 4 March. The 14 schools parading, their samba and when they are scheduled to start, are:

Sunday, 3 March 2019

  • Imperio Serrano – O que é, o que é? (21.15)
  • Viradouro – ViraViradouro (22.20)
  • Grande Rio – Quem nunca… ? Que atire a primeira pedra? (23.25)
  • Salgueiro – Xango (00.30)
  • Beija-Flor – Quem não viu vai ver… As fábulas do Beija-Flor (01.35)
  • Imperatriz Leopoldinense – Me dá unm dinheiro ai (02.40)
  • Unidos da Tijuca – Cada macacao no seu galho. O, meu Pai, me dê o pão que eu não morro de fome (03.45)

Monday, 4 March 2019

  • São Clemente – E o Samba sambou… (21.15)
  • Vila Isabel – Em Nome do Pai, dos fFilhos e dos Santos – A vila canta a cidade de Pedro (22.20)
  • Portela – Na Madureira modernissima, hei sempre de ouvir cantar uma Sabia (23.25)
  • União da Ilha – A peleja poética entre Rachel e Alencar no avarandado do céu(00.30)
  • Paraíso do Tuiuti – O Salvador da Patria (01.35)
  • Mangueira  – Historia para ninar gente grande (02.40)
  • Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel – Eu sou o Tempo. Tempo e Vida (03.45)

Normally six schools parade on Sunday night and six on Monday , but as no schools were relegated in 2017 and 2018 seven schools will parade each night in 2019.

The more information about carnival and the parade visit the site’s respective pages.



Rio’s Samba School parades in February 2016

Beija flor 02The draw has been made for main parades of the major Rio samba schools, the  Grupo Especial. The parades will take place on the nights of Sunday, 7 February and Monday, 8 February 2016. The order will be:

Sunday, 7 February 2016

  • Estácio de Sá
  • União da Ilha
  • Beija-Flor
  • Grande Rio
  • Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel
  • Unidos da Tijuca

Monday, 8 February 2016

  • Vila Isabel
  • Salgueiro
  • São Clemente
  • Portela
  • Imperatriz Leopoldinense
  • Mangueira

Six schools will parade on Sunday night and six on Monday and they will start at 21.30, 22.35, 23.40, 00.45, 01.50 and 02.55.

For the full details of Rio’s carnival visit Rio: The Guide

Based on the results of the last six carnivals (2010-2015), the League of Samba Schools (LIESA) ranks the top ten samba schools in Rio de Janeiro as:

Unidos da Tijuca (95 points)
Beija-Flor (81)
Salgueiro (69)
Unidos de Vila Isabel (53)
Grande Rio (47)
Imperatriz Leopoldinense (34)
Portela (34)
Mangueira (29)
União da Ilha do Governador (17)
Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel (16)

Clocks go forward for Summer Time in Brazil

Parts of Brazil will move its clocks forward one hour at zero hour on Sunday, 19 October. The country will remain on summer time until Sunday, 22 February, the Sunday after carnival.

With summer time in parts of Brazil, the country will have three time zones. The first includes the country’s capital, Brasília, as well as all the states in the South and South East, as well as Goiás. The second, which is one hour behind, includes the states in the Northeast as well as Pará, Amapá, Tocantins, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. The third, two hours behind Brasília, includes Acre, Amazonas, Roraima and Rondônia.


Business Conferences in Rio during the 2014 World Cup

logoDuring the period of the World Cup, Rio Conferences, part of the Mayor of Rio’s office, will be running six conferences consisting of 16 panels with more than 90 top speakers.

The free events will take place at MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio), in the port area of Rio de Janeiro, and will run from 09.00 to 13.00 followed by lunch.

The six conference topics and dates are:

  • 13 June – Healthcare
  • 16 June – Technology
  • 24 June – Infrastructure
  • 27 June – Audiovisual
  • 3 July – Oil & Gas
  • 11 July – Global Summit

For more information and to register CLICK HERE

Museu de Arte do Rio 02

MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio)

LATA Foundation Quiz in London

lataflyer2014The annual Latin American Travel Association Foundation Pub Quiz, hosted by British Airways/Iberia, will take place on Tuesday, 6 May at the Railway Tavern close to Liverpool Street Station in London. Tickets in support of the LATA Foundation cost just £15 per person.

For more information, or to register your team, contact

The 32 teams who will play the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014

The 32 teams to qualify to play in Brazil between 12 June and 13 July 2014 for the 2014 FIFA World Cup are from:

EUROPE: Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland

SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay

NORTH & CENTRAL AMERICA: Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, United States

AFRICA: Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria

ASIA: Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea

-For the draw on 6 December 2013 the 32 teams will be split into four pots. Pot one will have the seven highest ranked teams in the world plus the host, Brazil. The other pots are based on regions with France, as the lowest-ranked European qualifier, in a separate pot (3) and drawn with a South American seed

The likely pots are:

Seeds (Pot 1): Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Switzerland, Uruguay.

Pot 2: Japan, Australia, Iran, South Korea, Costa Rica, United States, Mexico, Honduras.

Pot 3: France, Chile, Ecuador, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Ghana.

Pot 4: Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia.